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Important in indications to external Links on this sides

With judgement from 12 May 1998 the regional court Hamburg decided that one has to if necessary also answer for contents of the left side by the attachment of a on the left of.  This can be prevented - so the LG - only by the fact that one dissociates oneself expressly from these contents.  With the legal proceedings I did not have to do anything;  due to the legally unfortunately not braked, rather unrestrainedly rising numbers doubtful warnings and announcements, I have a purely preventive explanation:  on these homepage left to other sides in the Internet put.  To all these external left on my sides applies:  I do not have any influence on the organization and contents of the left sides.  Therefore I dissociate hereby expressly from all contents of all left sides on my sides and do not make myself their contents not too own.  This explanation applies to all on my sides attached left?