There are 70 reasons, which for it speak which you are Internet addicted: Update 01.14.2005 23:20

1. In the school (work) told someone a joke and you answers with lol or *g*
2. You forgets with the Internet to breathe by mistake sometimes...
3. You double click on the TV remote maintenance.
4. The bath tub overflows, because you only times briefly your Mails check. (or who degree is in the Chat)
5. Your co-inhabitants weight the fact that you do not talk in the sleep any longer but only with the index finger twitches.
6. Your flirt at that bar begins with one "are you on?"
7. In the morning you are on-line, before you deseamed yourself the teeth (if you make it).
8. Search machines or the like (for example Google) ask you for support.
9. The last sexual experience was "patches the new DSL connection".
10. You already so well to whistle can that you can develop a connection to your Provider also without modem (or faxes to send away).
11. You do not know, what for a sex your best friends have, because they have a neutral pitch name.
12. You the feeling have, someone to have killed if you switch your modem off.
13. You nights spend in order to bring the counter on your homepage over 2.000.000.
14. Your computer more than your car costs.
15. The lawyer of your wife (man) the divorce paper by email sends.
16. You email send yourself, in order to remind you to things.
17. You got accustomed at cold coffee (meal).
18. You the homepage of your girl friend (boy friend, man, woman) kisses.
19. You your enamels examine, no new Mails on the server are and you it still times try.
20. You end every sentence with (net, org, info, biz, name, tv or countries Domain ending)
21. You determine that your co-inhabitants are taken off, you however no notion have, when.
22. Your domestic animal own homepage has.
23. All your friends @ in the name carry.
24. You in the HTML format dream at night.
25. You hours need, in order to query all your email addresses.
26. It to stink begins, because your domestic animal is die of hunger.
27. Your phone bill is supplied to cardboards.
28. Your children Eudora, HTML, Java and/or Dotcom are called.
29. You with after the weather look, instead of looking from the window.
30. You in the Internet for politicians from strange countries are correct by mistake.
31. Your last girl friend (frind) only a JPEG was.
32. You your head to the side bend, in order to smile. :-)
33. You in the correct life always after the back button search.
34. You never the busy signal of your Service provider hear, because you are anyway always on-line.
35. You in the Internet radio hear or television programs do not look at around you not to announce.

36. You with MSN, ICQ, AIM, IRC, TOM and YIM are at the same time announced.

37. You your meal on-line one order.

38. You your bank only from the Internet know.

39. You to the computer sits down in the evening and you surprises that briefly on it your children must to the school.

40. Your postman your letters opens and then by email to you sends.

41. You on your desk chair better sleep than in any bed and him therefore everywhere carry forward.

42. You a discharge pipe to the toilet under your desk have.

43. You with the Sex your friends in the Chat each detail tell.

44. You your name as URL do not only separate also in the correct life together write and a Domain ending your surname is.

45. You on the way by Mobile for also in the Chat are attainable.

46. You wait for 4G.

47. You much interested in the iPhone.

48. You your job from at home settle. (on-line job)

49. You by Wireless LAN your laptop to sun (or for garden work) into the garden carry forward.

50. You your car by Internet to start and already times from the garage drive can.

51. The on board computer in your car more can (inclusive Internet), than in vehicles the same series and year of construction.

52. You in each forum it gives are announced and although you only some months are registered there more contributions than the others have.

53. Your devices in the house (dwelling) in a network groups are with one another and the refrigerator and your store on-line, which order things went out and you can serve your devices (as in Star Trek) by language.

54. You each Sunday a Chat party with you organize more around to test like much your new Wireless LAN borne and you ever invite.

55. Your first DATE with your new by e.g. ICQ runs off, instead of with you or it, in a restaurant

56. You your own ISP (Internet service Provider) are.

57. But also you in the camping vacation, on your camper not only a satellite dish for the television have one for sky DSL.

58. You rise in the morning and the PC on turn, before you go on toilet, although equal blister bursts to you.

59. You during the work time in the Internet, although your Boss gave you already 2 warnings for it.

60. You 2 PCS have with home network and your wife (man, friend, friend) about a LAN Chat program with you to only talk can.

61. You your child/ren a PC buy (naturally by Home shopping) and into to the LAN thereby it attaches at least this way somewhat from his father (mother) has.

62. So for example your toilet looks.


63. You without do not Smiles no more would live. (Idea of wr_freak alias Cedi)

64. You already no more does not point whether you before the PC sits or in the world there outside. (Idea of wr_freak alias Cedi)

65. You when buying your wife at the arm pack, home pull, before the computer sit and the same dress in the Internet order inclusive suitable shoes and handbag.

66. You for buying want however by your man before the computer are pull, your dresses, shoes and suitable handbag via Internet to buy must, now and in the future.

67. You an Internet box have (Internet without PC over TV).

68. If you no more does not point which a television is. (Idea of wr_freak alias Cedi)

69. You rather at the PC sit and to you the Formula 1 News during running by ICQ to notify leaves. (Idea of wr_freak alias Cedi)

70. You are surprised, why you must buy each day a new 50's (100er/200er) pack of blank DVD (an idea of Schnecker89 alias Civic alias SUV-Tuner)


if you still have a few reasons occur send to me a Email